Megan Chromik

Web Design & Developer

I'm from Edmonton, Albert and I have a passion for making beautiful designs. Starting form the concept to a fully functional responsive website. You can catch me creating layouts in adobe photoshop or illustrator. Hard coding a website in HTML, Bootstrap or setting up a WordPress site. I love learning new things and taking on new challenges. I'm currently accepting projects, so if you need a fantastic designer lets get in touch!


My Creative services

You want it. I can create it


Mockups for websites using adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator

Responsive design

Mobile first approach creating awesome looking sites across all platforms


Creating the website you want, that doesn't require experience to update

Branding/ SEO

Getting you the brand identity and search results you want

Graphic Design

Layouts,Buisness Cards,Posters, Advertisements and more!

Mobile Design

Custom mobile sites and mobile responsive websites

My Creative Works

Hard work, dedication, and beautiful designs

Let's Get in Touch